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Renay Frierson

I am a supporter
Meditated Moments.
MM offers beautifully crafted cards and other essentials that provide encouragement
and spiritual healing.

The owner is thoughtful and values the needs of others.

A. Galloway

“Meditated Moments' greeting cards provide a message of love, hope, and encouragement. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, or moment of loss, Meditated Moments has a card to uplift and inspire those you care about.”

Renee Dixon Jones

“I love shopping at MM. At MM, you can always find something unique, meaningful, and of quality for a friend or loved one.

I purchased some cards to motivate and inspire my children, and it worked!

Sharmi T

I love MM.
I have ordered several of these cards for family and friends, and they
are blessed every time. There are greeting cards, and then there are Life cards.
If you need a
specific message
that inspires, encourages, and imparts wisdom on life's challenges,
look no further,

MM is your solution.
I highly recommend.

J. Thomas

Whenever I give family and friends a greeting card, I want them to feel my love, my appreciation, my prayers, or just how thankful I am that they are a part of my life. This is exactly what Meditated Moments has helped me to achieve. The unique expressions of this card company is felt in such a way that the recipient really feels the love. The cards are more than just for a moment, they're keepsakes. I have purchased numerous cards from MM, simply because they're heart warming and most of all they're genuine.  ”
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