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Our Story

 As a hobby and passion for over the past two decades,
I have been writing cards and expressions of love for my
family, friends, and 
co-workers. I have always been
told by the recipients how "special" they felt in
receiving cards
and letters tailored just for them and expressive of their unique individuality.

We believe a card in your hand, is like medicine to someone’s heart, home, family, and community.

a closed book

How Did We Get Here?

One day during one of my quiet moments, I began to look around

and meditate on the moral condition of our world. I asked myself, "How did we get here?"  Somewhere on this journey called life, we

lost our respect for the most valuable gift on earth, life.  As a

society, we have begun to place a higher value on inanimate "things", and families and nations are spiraling downward. When

we don't value life, we begin to lose our way in life. And most of all,

we begin to lose our core reason for existing. 


We have made tremendous technological advances in the world

but the moral foundation and fabric of our communities and

nations have declined substantially over the years. There has been

a drastic decline in the “human touch”, and the negative effects are visible. Text messages have replaced phone calls and self-service

is the new norm. One more email check has overshadowed our dinner table conversations, and our children are craving our attention and care.


We have also witnessed a devastating deterioration in the

greatest component that causes a nation’s, a state’s, a city’s, or a community’s heart to beat in a healthy rhythm, which is the family. It's imperative for us moving forward to re-calibrate our core

values and commitment to life. 

The health and wellness of a community or a nation is contingent upon the health and wellness of the families within them. The

health and well-being of a family is not limited to the physical

body.  It encompasses mental, psychological, financial, social,

economic, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Therefore, it is vital for us as a human race to pursue a check-up

of our hearts. The heart is the core of a person. The heart is a powerful muscle and when it's functioning properly it will move

us with compassion, but in a hardened state, there's a blockage,

and the heart no longer pumps or operates correctly. 

Meditated Moments has a mandate to spark the hearts of

humanity and to serve as a compass with the power of words

to point people back in a direction to recapture the essence of life, using life cards as a game changer. According to the

Greeting Card Association, for more than 150 years, greeting

cards have been one of our culture’s most popular and cherished means of connecting with others.


We have decided in this crucial moment in time to allow our

faith to seize its opportunity to make a straight line with heaven,

and walk in unwavering synch with the heartbeat of God to an uncharted, yet divine juncture in life.  

As we Meditate a Moment, we desire to ignite your heart and

invite you to become motivated and move with us on this journey. 

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