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Seasons of Life

To Everything there is a Season and a Time to Every Purpose Under the Heaven

Ecclesiastes 3:1

In this journey called life, we all must go through different seasons. No one is exempt.  These seasons show up at different ages, stages, areas, and regions. Although in the natural, we call them, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, the circumstances in these seasons differ for us all.

If it's winter, the coldest season of your life, I pray your soul is sustained as you navigate through the cold and sometimes bitter things you're dealing with in this season.  I want you to push past the pain, hurt, sorrow, grief, loneliness, and disappointment. You are still breathing, which means your life still has a purpose to be fulfilled on earth, so don't let something temporary cause you to lose hope. Breathe, you don't stay in any one season forever. It's a season and it won't last forever.  If it's spring, learn to live in the beauty of the day and celebrate the life you have and those who are still here to be part of it. If it's summer, enjoy the moment and find pleasure in your purpose for life. If it's fall, don't be afraid to let go. I pray you have the courage to let go of anything that would cause you to fall or get off the course God has set for your life. If it's a person, and the relationship is hindering you and not helping you, let it go. Sometimes diamonds end up in the hands of those who admire their beauty but don't know the depths of their true value.  


You were created in the image of God,  And you were made to make it through all seasons of life. It's in your DNA to LIVE. You're going to make it through these turbulent times. Despite how bleak it may appear, you're coming through this. Don't you dare quit or give up now!

Icy Conditions
Stormy Weather
Steep Mountains
Palm Trees
Yellow Daffodil
Irrigating Fields
Red Leaves
Eagle Flying
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