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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

leadership title
leadership title

A Great Leader

A great leader is not born, he or she is made. A great leader is made from the original ingredients of life experiences through an intense process of refinement.

Great leaders are equipped with gifts and talents to establish how they will impact their environment. They are purposefully placed in a crowd of unethical individuals to gauge their integrity. They are deliberately overlooked to see if they can handle being a solitary one. They are presented with an assortment of opportunities to calculate their ability to choose wisely. They are pushed to their limits to evaluate their stress capacity. They are skillfully surrounded by those who have more than them to monitor their jealousy indicator. They are strategically stroked to determine their level of humility. They are positioned to serve to watch their confidence level. They are made to follow to see how well they submit. They are given time to perceive how effectively they will utilize it.

Odds are stacked against them to see if they will back down or step up.

They are made from a fabric of 100% authenticity and integrity.

Do you know a great leader?

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